Guest Speaker for Penn Club of Portland

On Monday, I had the privilege of being the guest of the Penn Club of Portland.  We met at the historic University Club in downtown Portland.  The building reminded me of much of the architecture at dear old Penn.  I attended the University of Pennsylvania from 1995-1999 and even though I continue to pay my undergrad student loans, I am #grateful for all that opportunities my Penn education has provided.

I met John Vosmek, a long time OSF Supporter and the President of the Penn Club of Portland ( and his wife Lucy in Ashland last season.  John had served as the Portland contact for the Penn Glee Club which was on their Pacific NW Tour.  As three very proud Quakers, John and Lucy expressed their interest in having me come up to Portland and speak to alumni about my experiences as a professional actor and about OSF.  

John Vosmek mentioned in an email "I can't think of any of our programs that was better received than today's."  I'm excited to see these new friends when they come to Ashland for the 2014 season, and am looking forward to the opportunity of coming back to Portland and visiting with my fellow Quaker alums soon.

Many congratulations to Tom Shea for winning a pair of tickets to the OSF 2014 Season.