Another Openin', Another Show!!!

Last night we kick ball changed the OSF 2014 Season!  The audience was raucous and rambunctious.  Mark Bedard had several profound Groucho moments, including the most heartfelt and genuine shaming of a patron who decided to open up a candy wrapper in the middle of the most dramatic scene in the play.  David Ivers, our brilliant director and captain of the ship, shared during the opening night toast about the need for laughter.  With all the current news about the Ukraine, Sochi, Thailand, Venezuela, Syria . . . it is important to remember that there is always a time for laughter.  It is the best medicine.  So if you are in the mood for some laughter, joy, celebration, Irving Berlin Showtunes . . . come visit us at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for The Cocoanuts.  We have 120 more shows to share with you!!!

All photos taken by the brilliant OSF Photographer: Jenny Graham

The Cocoanuts: Preview

The Cocoanuts: Preview

After two months of rehearsals, the cast of The Cocoanuts is ready to share this Marx Brothers' comedy with an audience.  The past two months have been filled with laughter and generosity in the rehearsal room.  We are ready to now share it with a packed house.   In this production, I play Robert Jamison, a wannabe architect who is the only employee of Mr. Hammer (the Groucho Marx character played brilliantly by Mark Bedard), at the Cocoanuts Hotel.   What differentiates this production from other Marx Brothers' musicals is not only a gorgeous Irving Berlin score arranged by musical director Gregg Coffin, but a storyline that has the Marx Brothers wreaking havoc, while trying to bring two young lovers together.  It is a show with tons of laughs and oodles of heart.  I am blessed to be in this production and am excited I get to do it over 120 times.